At the seventh meeting, we discussed about the array …
And when it’s in the group, the group is still the same as always numbered 6 people ..
Our group took the case on the real life of the refrigerator.

Array in real-life example: refrigerator
A. placed inside a kitchen refrigerator
2. types of food and beverages
3. grouping of foods and beverages.
4. placing the appropriate place.
Input: the input of materials or goods to consumers
Process: food and beverages classified according to its place.
Output: the grouping of food or drink on the space provided.
For example, in the refrigerator, food preparation in the refrigerator with the kindberbagaiofcriteria. such beverages are placed in the refrigerator door. We can classifyfood or drink in the space provided for bahansesuai with their own kind.


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